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Are you interested in topics from the versatile world of market research? Here you will find current articles, exciting use cases and interesting insights and outlooks. Simply everything we know, have read or seen and would like to share with you. We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or suggestions.
Makrtforschung München SKOPOS RESEARCH Team

Two years SKOPOS RESEARCH in Munich
A look back and into the future

Munich has also been home to the SKOPOS RESEARCH team for two years now, and we proudly look back on an impressive development we have gone through in this short time. Our adventure started in a small coworking space in the lively city center of Munich, where Florian Tress and Kim Hofmann from the UX Research Team of SKOPOS NOVA and Dominik Racké, Senior Research Manager at SKOPOS RESEARCH, laid the foundation for this small success story.



Qualitative Community Insights from SKOPOS EXPLORERS
Cultured Meat – The Meat of the Future?

Meat from the test tube. What sounds adventurous is already being tested in reality: Innovative technologies are making it possible to cultivate meat in the laboratory using stem cell samples from animals – a promising solution to the problems of conventional meat production. But what is the attitude of consumers toward this new type of meat consumption? Is “cultured meat” already an established term? And how great is the willingness to rethink meat consumption in favor of cultured meat?



Qualitative Community Insights from SKOPOS EXPLORERS
Mandatory reusability in the catering industry

Since the beginning of the year there is a reusable obligation: Coffee-togo and take-away food have to be offered in reusable containers. Together with the mystery researchers of SKOPOS NEXT, we have investigated how well known the reusable obligation has become and how well it is accepted. The SKOPOS NEXT team has sent out its testers.


Unboxing the Truth Insights

Unboxing the Truth
Authentic insights about HelloFresh cooking boxes with mobile ethnography

Real-life and authentic insights into the world of customers are possible with mobile ethnography research. Thanks to rapid technological development, it is as easy to use as it is funfor those asking the questions, those watching and also for the participants. Kathrin Schaarschmidt, Director Qualitative Research at SKOPOS, talks in her dossier article in planning&analysis about the hustle and bustle of searching for experiences at the crucial moment.


Kaufentscheidung Uebersicht

Qualitative Community Insights from SKOPOS EXPLORERS
How we currently shop and what influences our purchase decision

There are many different factors that influence our decision to buy or select a product, and each of usis a little different in this regard. Currently, however, we are forced to rethinkeach for themself and for their own life situation. The current record high inflation rates and the resulting changes in the price structure are reducing the purchasing power. These effects are particularly noticeable in everyday grocery shopping.



The SKOPOS Annual Kick-off 2023
A bird’s eye view

Usually, we provide insights into interesting results from our own studies, methodological tips and tricks, new markets … Today it’s about ourselves and our great team. Our colleague Julian sneaks a peek into our brand, our work and our SKOPOS annual kick-off at the end of January.


Energiekosten auf Rekordhoch

Qualitative Community Insights from SKOPOS EXPLORERS
Energy costs at record high – now what?

In October 2022, the monthly inflation rate was +10.4%. The last time it was at such a high level was in the fall of 1981, after the first Gulf War led to rising petroleum prices. The current sustained highs were triggered by crisis– and war-related special effects, such as supply bottlenecks and significant price increases.


Gesundheit und wie wir sie bewahren wollen

Qualitative Community Insights from the SKOPOS EXPLORERS
Health and how we intend to maintain it!

Every year the groundhog greets. – or is it our inner critic? 

One thing is clear: just in time for the turn of the year, we dedicate ourselves to our good resolutions for the upcoming year. This year, our health will once again play a major role, perhaps even more so than ever before.



Qualitative Community Insights from the SKOPOS EXPLORERS
Everything is getting more expensive! – Worries and savings strategies of the Germans

Food, electricity and heatingcurrently, life in Germany is getting more and more expensive, as prices in many spheres of life are rising due to inflation. Shopping is thus becoming a challenge for many people and they are resorting to savings measures. Comparing the prices of food and electricity, for example, or planning a bulk purchase for the whole week can help to save money. How’s that working out for consumers?


As a partner of the ‘Best Dealer of the Year’ competition, we would like to congratulate the winners!

Alea iacta estthe dice have been cast. The winners of the “Best Retailer of the Year” competition have been chosen and we would like to congratulate all the companies that have made it onto the podium. For us, this is a particularly exciting and unusual project, which we really enjoyed. We are happy to give you a glimpse behind the scenes in this Insights article. After all, an election like this is not a foregone conclusion


Qualitative Community Insights from the SKOPOS EXPLORERS
Trend Topic: Mental Health

How is the mental health of the german population doing? How are we doing after two years of Corona? To find out, we surveyed the opinion experts in our SKOPOS EXPLORERS community. In a qualitative survey, we discussed topics such as the status quo, problem areas and beneficial measures in relation to mental health. 

Beitragsbild Insights Peta Studie

How vegan is Germany?
Research and community insights from PETA and SKOPOS

Together with SKOPOS, the animal rights organization PETA has published the results of a population-representative quantitative survey in Germany on the topic of vegan baked goods. For this purpose, we interviewed around 1,000 consumers in January of this year and also conducted an in-depth survey of 100 vegans and vegetarians. We also supplemented the results of the quantitative study for PETA with insights from our own community, the SKOPOS EXPLORERS.

Market research in the automotive industry:
From research question to result

It’s been a while since Nicole Schleiffer studied at the university and worked there, and a lot has happened in the meantime. But she still has fond memories of her own study days and also of working with the students at the automotive department. She is all the more pleased to be back at the university. On May 16, she will give a lecture on “Market Research in the Automotive Industry.” 

It all depends on the brand
Making the right decision with brand tracking – Wüstenrot shows the way

Brand research and brand tracking in particular support companies in managing their brand success. They show them where their brand stands in comparison to the competition, what it embodies and how it is developing. This enables companies to anticipate market changes in good time and remain responsive. In addition, brand tracking is an ideal tool for making the success of marketing efforts measurable.


Mit Rahmenverträgen die partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit stärken und Effizienzsteigerungen auf beiden Seiten erreichen.

Strengthen partnership-based collaboration and achieve efficiency gains on both sides with framework agreements

Do you know that situation? You still have to launch a market research project at short notice, because insights are urgently needed for a basis for decision-making. However, the corresponding meeting is already in a few weeks and if the agency does not receive the assignment by tomorrow, there is not enough time left. And the purchasing processes or the order volume do not allow for an immediate commissioning. Read here how simple administrative processes can get your studies off to a flying start.


Customer Journey Mappings

Improve the overall customer experience across all touchpoints: Customer journey mappings provide valuable input

Sometimes customers invest a lot of time in research before they decide on your company’s product (or service), or they encounter it spontaneously and by chance. Even after the purchase, some of your customers are in contact with you during the initial or entire usage phase. With the help of customer journey mapping, we can map this buying process from the customer’s perspective, identify current problem areas and jointly develop ideas for optimizing the customer experience.


Rapid Prototyping

What added value does rapid prototyping provide in the development of advertising campaigns?

The fundamental goal of rapid prototyping is to develop something new in the shortest possible time, which is then improved in several iterative rounds. This can be both a product concept and a prototype from the 3D printer. However, one is not always bound to a physical product idea; the approach is also well suited for advertising campaigns.


Asahi Kasei Automotive Tech Day

First Asahi Kasei Automotive Tech Day on 20.01.22 – we were there

Customer requirements for the automotive of the future are changingnow is the time to think beyond conventional material development. New perspectives and holistic approaches are crucial to creating unique driving experiences that will make the difference. This is reason enough for our long-standing customer, the Japanese technology company Asahi Kasei, to initiate the Automotive Tech Day. We have the great honor to give a presentation at the virtual event on January 20, 2022.



10 Practical Tips for (International) Customer Satisfaction Surveys

For many years, customer surveys have been one of our research focal pointsbe it B2B and B2C, national and international, or large and small studies. If you consider the following practical tips, nothing can really go wrong. Of course, we will support you with our expertise on all points, whether in an advisory capacity or as a full service.


Beitragsbild München

Another SKOPOS location in Southern Germany – Additional office in Munich!

A dream in white and blue comes true: After Hürth and Aachen, we are now opening our third location in Munich! Right in the center of the Bavarian capital, a team of three will support us with immediate effect in looking after our customers from southern Germany, but also throughout Germany and beyond.


Insights aus der chinesischen Automobilindustrie Teil 4

Dialog with our local partners in China – Part 4: Impact of Corona

In January 2020, China became the first country in the world to be severely impacted by Corona. The country and its citizens experienced a nationwide lockdown for several months. Face-to-face research activities were unimaginable during this time. We asked our partners at the site what their experiences were and if there were any lasting changes in the industry.


Dialog with our local partners in China – Part 3: Virtual Car Clinics

Virtual Car Clinics (VR Clinics) have been the buzzword for market researchers in China since 2019. With the help of VR technologies, market researchers can now test various scenarios in different environments faster and more spontaneously. Today, we want to give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of conducting studies in VR Clinics in China.



Dialog with our local partners in China – Part 2: Recruiting

Recruiting real customers from the premium automotive sector requires a lot of effort, especially during Corona times. In countries like China and Japan, for example, recruitment has so far been done offline. Here we go into more detail about the dos and don’ts when working with service providers for online surveys. 


Beitragsbild China Insights

Dialog with our local partners in China – Part 1: The methodology

Um qualitative und quantitative Studien während der Corona-Krise in China durchführen zu können und um unseren Kunden ein optimales Studienergebnis zu bieten, greifen wir auf verschiedene innovative Forschungsmethoden zurück. Diese stellen wir Ihnen heute näher vor und beleuchten die Vor- und Nachteile für den chinesischen Markt.



Observations of online panel studies in the Chinese automotive market – Part II

To be able to conduct qualitative and quantitative studies during the Corona crisis in China and to offer our customers an optimal study result, we resort to various innovative research methods. Today we present these in more detail and highlight the advantages and disadvantages for the Chinese market.


Beitragsbild Interview mit Ruochen Li

Observations of Online Panel Studies in the Chinese Automotive Market – Part I

Im ersten Teil des Interviews mit Ruochen Li geht es um die Art und Weise, wie aktuell Marktforschung von der deutschen Automobilindustrie betrieben wird und vor welchen Herausforderungen Marktforscher auf dem chinesischen Markt stehen.