Was unsere Kaufentscheidung beeinflusst

Qualitative Community Insights from SKOPOS EXPLORERS

How we currently shop and what influences our purchase decision!

There are many different factors that influence our decision to buy or select a product, and each of us is a little different in this regard. Currently, however, we are forced to rethink – each for themself and for their own life situation. The current record high inflation rates and the resulting changes in the price structure are reducing the purchasing power. These effects are particularly noticeable in everyday grocery shopping. But what does this do to us? How do we deal with current price developments due to inflation and the threat of regression? Can we observe strategies or generalizable patterns with which we tackle these issues? And what about other influencing factors beyond price, discounts and special promotions, what else triggers us? 

We have investigated this question in detail, using our own SKOPOS qualitative community, the SKOPOS EXPLORERS. The result: many exciting insights from an exchange with a total of 124 participants. 

One thing is particularly clear: consumers have rarely been as price-sensitive, prudent and careful in their purchasing as they are right now. For example, a much more systematic approach to shopping can be observed, in which weekly purchases are carefully planned – often taking upcoming offers into account. Another effect is the increasing prioritization of private labels, because the purchase of branded products is reduced due to the current price increases or branded products are now bought almost exclusively on special offer. 

These and other insights show that it has never been more important for companies to manage their product, price and distribution strategies wisely and effectively. In doing so, they should be sensitive to the current concerns and needs of consumers, take upcoming business decisions with a sense of perspective, and focus on maximum transparency, authenticity, and credibility in their implementation. 

Because one thing is certain to all of us: we are currently in a time of upheaval and change. This not only leads to a certain restlessness in each and every one of us, but also brings movement into the market structure. But not all of this should be seen in a negative light. Movement is better than stagnation, and all too often such a situation can also turn out to be a real opportunity from an entrepreneurial point of view. So let’s seize it! 

Take a look at the results. Here you will find many exciting insights and original contributions from the participants. 

Do you also want to quickly and easily explore a smaller, urgent question for which thebig studyis not worthwhile? Or do you want to supplement a quantitative study with some qualitative quick insights? Then we have something for you: the SKOPOS EXPLORERS, our qualitative Community. 

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How we currently shop and what incluences our purchase decision
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Qualitative Community Insights from SKOPOS EXPLORERS 

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