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Costumer analysis

Segmentation: understand, focus, forecast

Segmentations are an important element of customer and target group analysis.

With segmentation, we divide the market into groups or segments that are similar in terms of their needs, attitudes, priorities and/or behavior and that differ as much as possible from one another.

This allows you to optimize your marketing strategy by aligning it with the target groups and developing differentiated products that suit the various groups. In addition, we can identify your most profitable or promising segments and are able to predict the behavior of your customers.


Questions that we answer for our customers in the context of segmentation:

„As we continue to grow, it is crucial to understand our target group more precisely.“

„We hope to gain valuable insights into the behavior, needs and preferences of our customers.“

„We want to optimize our marketing strategies and offer customized content to further increase our customer satisfaction and business success.“

„We want to develop effective marketing campaigns and optimize the use of our resources.“

„As a start-up, we know that we need a differentiated target group analysis.“

„We are expanding into additional markets and would like to know if we can continue to apply our existing segments.“

„We are looking for a global segmentation solution that covers all our markets.“

„The pandemic has strengthened our online business to such an extent that we do not know whether we can continue to work with our existing segments.“

Segmentation with SKOPOS: Your benefits

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Constant contact partners

Your project will be managed by experts in the field of segmentation. You will have the same contact persons throughout the entire project, who will implement the project from questionnaire creation and programming to analysis and processing.

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Concrete results and descriptive presentation

A segmentation provides figures, data, facts – in order for every stakeholder in your company to navigate their way through the process, we attach great importance to a clear and concrete presentation of the results.


You are involved in the entire project

We accompany you from the kick-off with your in-house stakeholders to the results workshop. Before finalizing the segment solution, we present possible approaches for joint discussion. Because our goal is to ensure that everyone in your company can continue to work optimally with the segments.


Continue working with the segments

We create” Golden Questions” for you using modern algorithms. A short set of questions with which you can easily identify the segments e.g. in future surveys or your CRM system. This can be done simply using an Excel tool, but also integration using R or Python is possible.


Integration into your CRM-System

Customer analysis with added value: We will be happy to advise you on how to transfer the segments into your CRM system. Set up correctly, segments can be identified by their behavior. Customer analysis allows you to assign your customers to segments and address them in a targeted manner.


Combination of qualitative and quantitative elements

With us, qualitative and quantitative elements can be easily combined. This can be very valuable to get extensive input for the questionnaire creation before the segmentation and customer analysis or to enrich the segments afterwards.

Do you have any questions or would you like to delve deeper into the topic of target group analysis?
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Eva Linhuber
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