Costumer surveys

U&A studies: What do consumers and users pay attention to?

With U&A (Usage and Attitude) studies, you can find out what really moves the customers of your product or service. What are their motives for choosing your product or service? What are their needs when they find out about it? When and how do they use it? And what requirements do they actually have of a product or service?

Answers to these questions are best obtained from the users or consumers themselves. We will be happy to keep you up to date. So that you can concentrate on one thing: Offering buyers and users exactly what brings you the greatest possible success.

This is how you benefit from U&A studies with SKOPOS:

You gain up-to-date insights into the motives and usage behavior of your customers.

You get ideas for improving your product portfolio.

You uncover growth opportunities.

You have the choice between personal, phone and online surveys.

You can safely validate your theses and spects.

You can rely on proven questions and experienced interviewers.

Smart sampling: category users as a basis, product users as a boost.

We rely on binding project management with milestones.

Usage- and attitude studies in detail

Understanding driving forces and barriers

How high is the interest in a product type or a service form? And how does someone find out about it? What barriers need to be overcome? What do users think who have been using an alternative so far? What sparks curiosity? What innovations is the market hoping for? These aspects are constantly changing, just like their significance for a decision to buy. Stay up to date with us.

Smart mix of methods

Multiple methods, combined in a smart way, provide more distinct insights than one approach can alone. Example: If it is beneficial for participants in group discussions to reflect longer on an issue, we give them tasks in advance. In any case, qualitative approaches make it much easier to capture the users‘ perspective. The newly gained insights can then be validated via an online survey.

Who thinks like this? And how many?

You would like to better understand the users of a particular category? And address them more specifically with your communication and your product or service design? If so, it makes sense to get a precise picture of the user types. And to know which ones offer you the most growth opportunities. With the information about needs, motives and desires, users can be very well divided into segments.

Worldwide? We take over!

Your product or service is available in dozens of country markets around the world? No problem! We conduct U&A studies nationally and internationally. Build on our wealth of experience. From user recruitment to typical translation hurdles: We take care of it and show you how we approach it for you in a fully transparent way.