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Image analysis: How does my customer perceive me?

Image is everything, isn’t it? The fact is: people don’t necessarily need insider knowledge to make an emotional decision in favor of a brand or a provider. Perception and opinion formation is and remains something subjective. The key is therefore the way something affects a person.

Brands and companies work extensively on their appearance, their public perception. And special attention is paid to whether the very first impression really sinks in. Image exerts a major influence on how attractive products or services are considered to be. And it can not only guide the behavior of target groups and customers, but even make them loyal. Put your image to the test with us!

How you benefit from the SKOPOS image analysis

You learn details about the impact of all touchpoints, products and services.

You gain clarity about which factors influence image – and how.

You gain insight into the emotions, opinions and behavior of your customers.

You can compare self-perception and external perception.

You get the chance for a targeted realignment of your image.

You can reassess your image at any time.

You can rely on us to use the best mix of methods.

We deliver survey, analysis and consulting from a single source.

Image analysis: How we proceed in detail

What science says

As soon as people pick up on media reports, advertisements, ratings or recommendations, or experience products or services, they inevitably have a first impression. This is when a crucial mechanism kicks in: selective perception. From now on, they more easily perceive what matches what they have previously remembered. The brand image is reinforced, even in the subconscious. It may be more difficult to change – but perceptions that do not match it are also more easily forgiven. Measures designed to strengthen the image are therefore about knowing the strengths of the subjective brand image and actively addressing them.

This is how the analysis works

Image analysis usually starts with the respondents’ experiences: What experiences do they have with the brand or the company? How do these experiences fit into previous perceptions and market knowledge? Then it gets personal: What about affective and cognitive ties? What selection process is the respondent in? After that, an assessment is made: How strong are the image characteristics? To what extent are they embedded in the consciousness? Are they lasting or only temporary? And last but not least: At which touchpoints is the image influence particularly strong? We provide you with precise answers to these questions.

The brand core – unmistakable

It’s worth taking a look behind the scenes. Because something is hiding there: the identity of the brand, its soul, its true core. Unlike the image, this brand core is difficult to change. Viewed positively, it is simply unmistakable. To penetrate this area of perception, we rely on in-depth qualitative market research. In this way, we learn more about the extremely important core, which decides whether measures fit the brand or not.