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Brand Research

It’s the brand that matters

Brand research and brand tracking support you in managing your brand’s success. They show you where your brand stands in comparison to the competition, what it embodies and how it is developing. In this way, you can anticipate market changes in advance and remain responsive. In addition, brand tracking is an excellent tool for making the success of marketing efforts measurable.

Relevant brand KPIs right at your fingertips

How well known is my brand?

What is unconsciously associated with my brand?

How does my brand resonate with my target group?

What do fans or new customers think about my brand?

How effective was the last campaign? And how effective is my communication overall?

What ideas can be deduced for campaign creation?

How is my brand developing compared to the competition?

How do I recognize the need for action in my strategic planning?

Our customers approach us with these and similar questions. Whether it’s a small start-up that needs initial insights into brand awareness and preference, or a large corporation that has been regularly conducting international tracking for years and would like to work with us to reach the next level in terms of speed, flexibility and depth of analysis.

Why brand research with us is so successful


Many years of experience with brand research on a national and international level and in a wide range of industries

Diamant Sysmbol

Broad set of proven tools and standards that can be customized to ensure maximum flexibility


Contemporary and action-oriented reporting – as interactive dashboard or classic chart report

Person Symbol

Dedicated contact persons for maximum agility, smooth collaboration and customized advice

Our tools – for selective checks or permanent tracking

With our Brand Check and Brand Track tools, we offer solutions for the complete range of brand research and for a wide variety of budgets. You benefit from our many years of experience and are always keeping an eye on your budget with these cost-efficient approaches:


Unique as pre & post measurement:

Ideal overview with essential KPIs and individual items in the competitive environment

Awareness and images of your brand as important performance factors

Effectiveness of measures or campaigns for efficient brand management


Continuous measurement:

Tracking in always-on mode with all brand metrics

Control through KPI cockpit with alerts for significant changes and important need for action

Optimally supplemented by situational additional analysis modules, e.g. for brand deep dives, advertising media or advertising spend analyses

You have something else in mind? We’ll be happy to advise you – and work with you to find an approach that’s completely tailored to your needs.

Classic report or interactive dashboard – based on your preference

Depending on the approach you choose, there are generally two ways to deliver results: the classic PowerPoint report, our interactive online dashboard, or a combination of both.

PowerPoint reports

  • Manual visualization of the results as editable graphics, each for a new shaft and from the 2nd shaft onwards over time

  • Each slide or presentation is provided with a talking headline, interpretations or learnings, if desired, gladly in your CI


Management reports

  • Summary of the results of the most recent shaft, each with recommendations for action. From the second shaft with classification of the results over time


  • As an integrated part of the respective manually created PowerPoint chart reports

  • As a summary supplementing the dashboard solution with the most important, non-editable views including comments

Brand tracking dashboard

  • Automated import of results data into a dashboard created with Tableau and established visualizations of brand tracking results

  • User-friendly filter functions for flexible, in-depth analysis of specific groups of participants


Guided Report Presentation: The PowerPoint report

In addition to a clear and appealing presentation of results, the report always focuses on time series comparisons. Your advantage? You get precise statements, not a mass of figures. All results are interpreted and commented on by us. A management summary provides you with the main points for action.

Customized immersion into results: The Online Dashboard

On the online dashboard, you will find various filter and subgroup options as well as a wide range of display options. This gives you the opportunity to dive deep into the data yourself and also answer ad hoc questions that arise, e.g. from the specialist department, quickly and easily.

The results are also available immediately – in the case of continuous execution, even on a daily basis. The online dashboard also focuses on time series analysis. The diagrams grow automatically.

Particularly convenient: The most important KPIs can be exported in a fast and easy way in the standard 16:9 pptx format and can be sent automatically by e-mail to relevant stakeholders using the alert function (e.g. monthly or in case of significant changes).
We would be happy to guide you personally through our demo version!

You want more?

Do you have secondary data from other systems such as CRM or data warehouses and want to link them with the brand tracking data to analyze your brand performance more comprehensively? Our DataScience colleagues at SKOPOS elements can help you do just that.

Other data sources

FFinancial parameters and/or closing figures

Media spending & media plans

Social Media

Customer satisfaction

Customer support

Already quite nice, but you want other representations, other content and your very own individual design? No problem! After detailed consultation, our experts will implement everything exactly according to your wishes.

What our customers say


We were looking for a flexible, modular and at the same time agile solution that allows individual adaptation to changing needs. We found it with SKOPOS BrandTrack, making our brand tracking much more responsive and modern.

Christian Fritzsche
Market researcher, Wüstenrot Bausparkasse AG