SKOPOS Konzepttest

Product Research

Concept test: How is my concept perceived by the target group?

You want to know which of your different concepts is the best and where improvements are needed? Our concept test analyzes your product idea and develope optimization proposals for you. The concept test gives you the opportunity to modify your concept as early as the planning phase and thus save costs and time. But we also like to define the term “concept” more broadly: from the verbal concept to the finished product – and we also support you with design tests, packaging tests, claim tests, name tests or price tests.

Specific recommendations based on our concept test make it easier for you to decide which formal or content-related changes are advisable and how you can increase the acceptance of your brands, products or services even before they are ready for the market. Do you have several alternative ideas or designs? We are also happy to determine the winning concept on the basis of various KPIs.

Your benefits at a glance

You can identify the market potential of a concept.

You can optimize your concept.

You save costs before the launch.

You determine the winning concept from several alternatives.

How to test your concepts

Which concepts appeal to your target group – and which ones don’t? And above all: why? To help you find out, we have developed SKOPOS Heatmap. With this tool you can test concepts, designs, packaging and much more. The heatmap is integrated into an online survey in which viewers mark what they like or dislike. And use the comment function to explain why.