Keyvisual Pop-Up Community

Community research

The pop-up community: your hotline to your target group

A digital community allows you to always communicate directly with your target group – flexible, fast and practical. It has never been easier to really understand the requirements and needs of your customers and to tailor your offering precisely to them.

You activate a research community for a limited time – or let it run continuously. You work with individuals or groups, time-shifted or simultaneously. To answer your questions, we use forums, blogs, surveys, diaries, remote interviews or workshops. Depending on which tools fit best and bring you the greatest gain in insights.

The advantages of the SKOPOS pop-up community:

You learn details about the wishes, motives and habits of your target group.

You can sit back and relax: We moderate the community for you.

You control the process: We conduct iterative or in-depth research for you.

You always stay up to date in real time – thanks to insights through the push of a button.

You can be sure that the participants are 100% suitable.

Whether branded or unbranded: We build the right community for you.

Our solution is 100% responsive for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Simple organization: We offer you software and service from a single source.

Your benefit: Valuable insights and inspiring input

Connect with your customers

Get to know your customers’ needs, motives and habits better. Give them time to reflect on questions or report in detail. Accompany the participants in individual tasks or in an open, joint discussion – this way you will learn exactly what moves them. And when their opinions change.

Turn phrases into promises

Developing better product and service ideas together with your customers is no longer just an empty phrase with a research community. You find out how your target group gets along with your service or what they may not understand. And above all: what improvements or alternatives they would like to see. You gain valuable user-based input for your product or service development.

Focus on “Pain Points”

If you don’t survey your target group in an across-the-board, point-by-point manner, but rather precisely when something happens, you bring the pain points in your customers’ journeys to light. In your research community, you can then discuss with your customers how to make your journey more successful.

Look forward to making easy decisions

We take care of filling your community with life. We take care of filling your community with life. You benefit from the vast experience of our community managers and can concentrate on the essentials: respectful, appreciative dialog with your customers and the resulting insights – your basis for better decisions.