Keyvisual Werbemitteltest

Advertising Research

Advertising media tests: How is my advertisement received?

With an advertising media test, you can find out if your advertising is working. Regardless of whether you have just developed a new campaign or are still in the discovery phase: After an advertising media test, you’ll know for sure how well your target group perceives the advertising message and whether an advertising medium is a good fit for your brand.

You’ll also learn which creative route appeals most to your target group and best meets your campaign goals. And where things might still be lacking. This will ensure that you make the best use of your advertising budget.

Your distinct benefits:

You gain deep insights into the wishes and preferences of your target group.

You get clarity about which advertising strategy works and which doesn’t.

You can then use your advertising budgets more efficiently.

Tests carried out in sync with the development process allow you to make timely adjustments.

You can rely on proven questions and experienced interviewers.

You have the choice between one-on-one interviews and groups.

You will receive clear recommendations for action at the end instead of a mass of numbers.

You will learn specifically what you can do better.

How to test your advertising media

For maximum depth: One-on-one interviews

How people react spontaneously to an advertising medium can be observed particularly well in one-on-one interviews. What a respondent understands immediately – and what he doesn’t – is expressed most openly when he is not influenced by a group. One-on-one interviews are recommended if you still have concerns about the content of an advertising message: Does it really get through? Join us in the studio as an observer. For answers with maximum depth of content.

For creative input: expert panels

If you want to know how your target audience would improve your campaign, have them discuss it in groups. Group dynamics stimulate creative thinking – and make it easier to put ideas into words more concretely. Still need insights on how best to communicate your innovation? Then rely on expert panels for creative input.

The test for images: SKOPOS Heatmap

Which image content does your target group like – and which not? And above all: why? To help you find out, we have developed SKOPOS Heatmap. With this tool you can test any image material: outdoor advertising, online banners, flyers, packaging and much more. The heatmap is integrated into an online survey, where viewers mark what they like or dislike. They can also use the comment function to explain why.

The test for brochures: digital paging

If you want to test brochures or have design alternatives evaluated, opt for the digital page-turning function. We integrate this technical solution into online surveys for you – for example, in monadic tests with participants from your target group (the participants assess only one brochure at a time, without comparing it with others).