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Ethno Check

Gain authentic insights and honest feedback with mobile ethnography.

You have an idea of how your customers interact with your product, but you don’t know for sure? You have a guess as to how your target group thinks, but would like to see with your own eyes what the world of your target groups looks like?

Unlike in an interview or group situation, we allow the target groups to control the process with the help of an app. The result is a self-directed, familiar situation in which the participants behave more naturally.

With mobile ethnography you gain insights and knowledge that are authentic and honest and that will surprise you. Join your target groups at home, become an observer of everyday routines, immerse yourself in the lives of your customers and observe what happens in their real, everyday lives.

Ethno Check

The benefits of mobile ethnography at a glance:


Honest feedback: You receive feedback from consumers that is genuine and authentic.


Fast implementation: Insights reach you in no time with an intuitive app tool.


Research-economical: An alternative to extensive qualitative methods, especially for multi-country studies.


Find undiscovered insights: Be a gold digger with us in search of hidden insights!


Experience everything: You can follow the content of the study participants live at any time via a dashboard.

Ready for honest feedback and authentic insights? Then take a look at the case study of our mobile ethnography study with HelloFresh:

Find out how HelloFresh experienced the moment of “unboxing” up close and personal and thus gained honest impressions from customers and potential new customers. Look forward to exciting approaches of mobile ethnography research: very close, completely mobile and quite appetizing.

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Kathrin Schaarschmidt
Director Qualitative Research


Lukas Nosber
Senior Sales & Account Manager