Presentation on the results of the joint study 

First Asahi Kasei Automotive Tech Day on 01.20.22 – we were there 

Customer requirements for the automotive of the future are changing – now is the time to think beyond conventional material development. New perspectives and holistic approaches are crucial to creating unique driving experiences that will make the difference. This is reason enough for our long-standing customer, the Japanese technology company Asahi Kasei, to initiate the Automotive Tech Day. We had the great honor to give a presentation at the virtual event on January 20, 2022. 

What it’s all about is quickly explained: in October 2021, together with Asahi Kasei Europe, we conducted the third Asahi Kasei Automotive Interior Survey and asked 1,000 car drivers in Germany, China, the USA and Japan about their preferences for future vehicle interiors. At the Automotive Tech Day, we presented the most important results of our study. 

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Tillmann Faber
Research Director SKOPOS RESEARCH