Unboxing the Truth

Authentic insights about HelloFresh cooking boxes with mobile ethnography

Real-life and authentic insights into the world of customers are possible with mobile ethnography research. Thanks to rapid technological development, it is as easy to use as it is funfor those asking the questions, those watching and also for the participants. Kathrin Schaarschmidt, Director Qualitative Research at SKOPOS, talks in her dossier article in planning&analysis about the hustle and bustle of searching for experiences at the crucial moment. 

In the summer of 2022, we found the ideal use case for this method with HelloFresh, the global manufacturer of cooking boxes. The cooking boxes contain all the ingredients and the recipe for the respective meal. In several countries, we wanted to track down the so-called “unboxing” – the moment when the user opens and explores the delivered cooking box.

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Source: planung&analyse

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