How vegan is Germany? 

Research and community insights from PETA and SKOPOS

Together with SKOPOS, the animal rights organization PETA has published the results of a population-representative quantitative survey in Germany on the topic of vegan baked goods. For this purpose, we interviewed around 1,000 consumers in January of this year and also conducted an in-depth survey of 100 vegans and vegetarians. We also supplemented the results of the quantitative study for PETA with insights from our own community, the SKOPOS EXPLORERS. 

One of the key findings is that there is a clear trend toward avoiding animal products – especially meat. Whereas 5.7% of people avoided meat in 2016, the proportion has already risen to 10.4% in 2022. Non-vegans are also open to vegan products. The main reasons for this are environmental protection and animal welfare. The now good availability and the expanded range ensure easy access, and campaigns such as the “Veganuary” make people want to try out vegan products. 

The prejudices against a vegan lifestyle mainly relate to the price, but also to concerns about artificial additives in vegan (substitute) products. Some respondents accuse companies of offering vegan products purely for profit or for image reasons. Others assume that the companies are afraid of losing market share. In addition, there are doubts as to whether the mass suitability of vegan products can succeed due to the high prices. 

Despite these critical opinions, the suppliers of vegan products are predominantly perceived as likeable, contemporary, modern and future-oriented. Products and product assortments are perceived by consumers as comprehensive. A more affordable price and more transparency in labeling are desired several times. The most credible companies in terms of sustainability are Lavera, Alpro, Weleda and Sante, which already offered plant-based products prior to the new trend. 

With our joint study, we have gained important insights for society and will continue to conduct joint research with PETA on topics related to nutrition, animal welfare and sustainability in order to further raise awareness.

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We are delighted to have SKOPOS as a partner by our side, who not only has many years of market research expertise, but for whom sustainability and animal welfare are also a real matter of the heart for themselves.” 

Tobias Schalyo,
Manager Corporate Responsibility at PETA Deutschland e.V. 

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