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Trend topic: Mental Health

How is the mental health of the german population? How are we doing after two years of Corona? To find out, we surveyed the opinion experts in our SKOPOS EXPLORERS community. In a qualitative survey, we discussed topics such as the status quo, problem areas and beneficial measures in relation to mental health. 

It is clear how important the topic of “mental health” is for the participants: A large proportion of respondents name a number of mental stresses that force them to address the issue of mental health. Even among the participants who do not name any acute problems, many deal with their mental health in order to prevent problems or to increase their general well-being. 

Triggers for mental difficulties include personal life circumstances, a high workload or caring for relatives, as well as world events, such as the Corona pandemic or the increase in the cost of living. Many respondents perceive the current world situation as exceptionally difficult and stressful. 

Most participants can name a number of measures with which they promote their mental health – e.g. social contacts, taking time out or compensatory activities such as sports or other hobbies. Some of these measures are already integrated into everyday life as fixed habits, while others are used specifically to counteract external stresses. The majority of measures are aimed at increasing well-being. Promoting sleep quality also plays a significant role – medications or supplements are sometimes used for this purpose. 

Although the respondents feel that the measures already taken are helpful, many would like to see further offers and support to promote mental health. Here, health insurance companies, employers and politicians in particular are seen as obligated to create appropriate offers. 

For many people, “mental health” is a current trend topic and the increased awareness of this issue is approved of by the vast majority. However, trend products and offers play a subordinate role for most people and are often viewed with skepticism. Digital offers, such as apps with sports offers, relaxation music or meditation exercises, are most frequently used in this regard. Melatonin to promote sleep and CBD products are also named by a few. 

Do you also want to quickly and easily explore a smaller, urgent question for which thebig studyis not worthwhile? Or do you want to supplement a quantitative study with some qualitative quick insights? Then we have something for you: the SKOPOS EXPLORERS, our qualitative Community.

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Mental Health

Mental Health
Mental Health

Qualitative Community-Insights from the SKOPOS EXPLORERS

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