Keyvisual China Insights

Your path to insights from the Chinese automotive industry 

Dialog with our local partners in China – Part 1: The methodology 

Pop-up community research

With pop-up community research, we borrow a platform built by a panel service provider on short notice to conduct studies among a specific target group. The approach helps gather insights about the needs and requirements of your target group and record how they perceive, use and evaluate your products and services. 


Both qualitative and quantitative studies possible

Immediately accessible target group base

Agile research projects with shorter field time

Possibilities for follow-up studies with the same target group


Investment in the development of the pop-up community 

Digital ethnographic research (qualitative) 

This is where we bring traditional ethnographic research into a digital context. Instead of a twoto three-hour on-site interview, participants are asked to record the relevant scenarios in a pre-, main-, and post-workshop. During the Corona pandemic, digital ethnographic research has become a substitute for traditional ethnographic research in the Chinese automotive industry. 

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Nicole Schleiffer
Director Automotive & Mobility