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„Cultured Meat“ – The Meat of the Future?

Meat from the test tube. What sounds adventurous is already being tested in reality: Innovative technologies are making it possible to cultivate meat in the laboratory using stem cell samples from animals – a promising solution to the problems of conventional meat production. But what is the attitude of consumers toward this new type of meat consumption? Is “cultured meat” already an established term? And how great is the willingness to rethink meat consumption in favor of cultured meat?

For this purpose, the SKOPOS EXPLORERS community was consulted by the expert team of SKOPOS RESEARCH to discuss these questions.

The still existing inhibition threshold of the consumers is particularly striking: “Cultured Meat” is mainly perceived as unnatural and alienating, which reflects a still predominantly negative mood. Therefore, a large part of the respondents show no interest in actively consuming this meat. However, curiosity about the possibilities of in-vitro meat production is an existing factor, which also plays a non-negligible role, as shown by the great willingness to try it once.

The reason for this is the still relatively unknown term “Cultured Meat”. The concept of artificial meat production in a laboratory is already known to some, but more in-depth knowledge is lacking here, such as links to the description of the process or the procedure of the production itself.

The participants of the study are confronted with a dilemma: their own feelings towards artificial meat are rather negative and dismissive, while on the other hand the reasonable purpose of the alternative production of meat is clearly socially related and seen as positive. For example, many are seeing an opportunity for environmental protection through resource-conserving production and reduced methane emissions. Animal welfare also ranks high among the participants. Thus, factory farming and the slaughter of animals are minimized. However, there are also concerns: the quality is doubted because of genetic engineering and chemistry, and the high price and the loss of jobs for farmers are seen as negative.

According to the interviewees, in order to favor the consumption and purchase of “Cultured Meat”, some basic requirements have to be formed. The consistency as well as the taste should convince them, while the product has to be affordable and should not have any negative side effects on health.

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Cultured Meat
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