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Dialog with our local partners in China – Part 2: Recruiting

Recruiting the right target group is one of the most important steps to guarantee the desired research result. Recruiting real customers from the premium automotive sector requires a lot of effort, especially during Corona. In countries like China and Japan, for example, recruitment has been done offline. Recruiters typically approach target groups on-site to maintain a long-term, personal relationship and invite them to participate in future research activities. This is where we go into more detail about the dos and don’ts of working with service providers for online quantitative research surveys in the Chinese market. 

Tips on what to look out for 


  • Review panel books from service providers in China to understand their panel composition and capacity. 

  • Inquire if they can provide a post-quality check for completed samples in automobile studies. As with most panels in China, panelists self-report car ownership. To improve data quality, some providers offer a post-quality check for completed samples. This means that the panel providers check the vehicle documents (e.g., vehicle registration certificate, picture of the vehicle, etc.) afterwards. 

  • Provide feedback to panel providers after the investigation. Which cases are valid, which are not, allowing them to improve the quality of the panel. 


  • If certain vehicle models are selling poorly in the Chinese market, don’t expect there to be a large sample size for thateven if the market is huge. For example, China is a top market for electric vehicles. However, 85% of electric vehicle (BEV) sales volume in 2019 came from local automakers. This means that the likelihood of finding participants driving a BEV from international automakers is not as high. 

  • Don’t limit your chance of reaching a more precise target audience. If you wish, you can set above-average screening criteria that will help you reach your Chinese customers more efficiently. 


To be able to conduct qualitative and quantitative studies during the Corona crisis in China and to offer our customers an optimal study result, we resort to various innovative research methods. Today we present these in more detail and highlight the advantages and disadvantages for the Chinese market. 

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