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Two years SKOPOS RESEARCH in Munich

A look back and into the future

Munich has also been home to the SKOPOS RESEARCH team for two years now, and we proudly look back on an impressive development we have gone through in this short time. Our adventure started in a small coworking space in the lively city center of Munich, where Florian Tress and Kim Hofmann from the UX Research Team of SKOPOS NOVA and Dominik Racké, Senior Research Manager at SKOPOS RESEARCH, laid the foundation for this small success story.

From bursting at the seams to children’s pictures and green roommates in a larger space

Within a short time, the original 4-person office was bursting at the seams and we quickly outgrew the rather small space. After just three office tours in the spring of 2022, we found our new home on Schwanthalerhöhe, in the charming West End of Munich. We designed our new premises according to our own ideas. There, our dynamic and constantly growing team found enough space. We are very happy about our fancy foiling on the window front, where the name SKOPOS really stands out. And then there are the many children’s pictures of our team members at the office, which bring a grin to our faces every day. This was celebrated with a big opening party.

Our green roommates have a very special meaning in our officethe office plants, which are lovingly cared for by two plant-loving colleagues. In particular, Erwin, our monstera, which has accompanied us since the beginnings at the coworking space, has impressed us with its growth to at least 12 times its original size by now. 

About growth, inspiring exchange and great passion

In the last two years, not only our environment but also our team has changed and expanded. From the original three employees we have now grown to more than ten dedicated SKOPOS NOVA and SKOPOS RESEARCH employees. The interdisciplinary exchange between UX researchers and classic market researchers has proven to be very inspiring and beneficial for our joint work.

A number of remarkable projects have been implemented for SKOPOS RESEARCH under the leadership of our dedicated team members. Their work and ideas have helped to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of our services and add tremendous value to our clients. For example, in Berlin we recently did a research on the latest innovation in headphones and an associated campaign with focus groups. We also helped a premium car manufacturer optimize interactions with customers and prospects.

But our story doesn’t end at the office door. It extends to the neighboring Italian day bar, which sweetens our day with its first-class coffee and the outstanding service provided by the friendly and considerate owner

Here we find the space for inspiring conversations, strengthening relationships and developing new ideas. 

So today we are a diverse team of researchers, passionate and committed to working at the intersection of data and insights. Our journey in Munich has shown us that teamwork and sharing ideas are key to our success. We are grateful for every challenge and opportunity to support our customers with their success stories.

Unser Marktforschungs-Team in München

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