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We support you in understanding your customers better and in transforming figures and insights into valuable bases for decision-making. Our team of specialists for market research in Munich, meet complex questions with creative approaches and react quickly and efficiently even under time pressure, always with the highest demand on the quality of results. We are driven by the passion to perfectly align your products and services with the needs of your target groups. We are a diverse team of market researchers in Munich who operate with the utmost dedication at the interface of data and insights. Your success is what drives us, and as the leading authority on market research in Munich, we are dedicated to ensuring that your business decisions are made on a solid, evidence-based foundation and move your company forward.


Market & Target Group 

To be successful in the market, you need to understand it and its stakeholders. With the help of market analyses, we provide the required insights into market structures, needs and target groups. So, you don’t just react, but actively shape the market of tomorrow.

Example solutions

Produkt Preis

Product & Price

New ideas for products and services are created every day – but which ones can truly inspireWhich features differentiate from the competition and what is the customer willing to pay for? We help to find the right answers nd will not let you develop past the market trends.

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The squeaky wheel gets the grease? It’s not quite that simple. In addition to the frequency and channel of your communication, the message is crucial. Check the impact of your campaigns, advertising materials and slogans with our market researchbefore, during and after the launch.

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Markt Zielgruppe


A strong brand is the heart of a company. It offers orientation, it differentiates, it creates a sense of connection. Therefore, it should always be maintained and evaluated. We offer contemporary approaches in market research so that you can always keep an eye on the awareness and image of your brand. 

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and many more

SKOPOS offers a variety of tools and methods developed for a wide range of issues – whether qualitative, quantitative or a combination of both. What all these solutions have in common: they combine established standards with flexibility, efficient processes with our passion for customized consulting. See for yourself.

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Our team in munich

Franziska Busja

Franziska Busija
Project Manager

Franziska Linne

Franziska Linne
Project Manager

Dominik Racke

Dominik Racké
Senior Research Manager

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Starting out as a cozy coworking space and moving on to our own location in Munich. Join us as we look back on two years of growth, inspiring teamwork and exciting projects, and look forward to future success stories.

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