Protina Case Study

Case Study – Research community for PROTINA


How we made the roll-out of LINTIA Logoeven more successful with a community

The challenge

Strengthen the brand presence of LINTIA

It all started with a thought: a team of creativos felt the time had come for the next big thing in nutritional supplements. The result was LINTIA: loved by pill haters, adored by gourmets, developed by healthcare experts.

But what is a great product without its favorite people, its customers? Does the target group correspond to reality and what do they want? Do the online store and brand visibility work? What content is of interest? And most importantly: are the products convincing?

The goal

Optimal control of actions

And this is where SKOPOS comes into play: In an online community, we work together with consumers to sharpen LINTIA’s brand image and help bring LINTIA even closer to its favorite people.

Starting with basic research, through concept and package evaluation, use or acceptance of sales channels and online presences, to the final testing of the real product – all combined in one place and very close to real life.

The solution

Customized research community

Dashboard community
  • Development of an exclusive, time-limited community solution for LINTIA, individually tailored to CI and brand identity

  • 268 participants recruited specifically for the community, matching LINTIA targets

  • Implementation of 16 research activities or individual studies within a three-month community period

  • Comprehensive study approach combining different methods, both qualitative and quantitative

Lintia Website

Key facts

What we achieved

  • 60% cost savings due to centralization and one-time recruitment of participants compared to single studies

  • Average duration of implementation per study: 1 week

  • Agile research design – sequential research activities that build on the results of previous studies and activities

  • Integration of the entire market research toolbox – quantitative and qualitative, all in one place:

    Target Group Study, Usage & Attitude Study, Concept Test, Packaging Test, In-Home Product Test, UX Test, Ad & Communication Tests, Online Interviews Face-to-Face, Online Surveys, Web Conferences, Ideation Workshop.

  • A wealth of knowledge that has led to the optimal adaptation of LINTIA’s brand image to the needs of potential customers.

  • Optimization potential in terms of sales channels, store & website systematics, communication channels and content

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