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Case Study – Research-Community for kindoh


How we brought South Korean diapers to Germany with a community!

The challenge

Learning to understand German parents

Kindoh started its business in 2016 by selling German-made baby diapers in South Korea.

Instead of gearing the product to the needs of parents – as is usual in South Korea – kindoh pays particular attention to aspects relevant to the baby and relies on European quality and safety standards. This made the product a great success in South Korea.

Now the German market is to be conquered as well. However, there is a lack of fundamental understanding of the German diaper market and the needs of German parents.

The goal

Successful launch in Germany

And this is where SKOPOS comes into play: With an online community, we explore the German diaper market in cooperation with parents, put the products through their paces, and collect field reports and customer testimonials.

Starting with basic research, through concept and package evaluation, to the final testing of the real product via diary – all combined in one place and very close to the little ones and their needs.

The solution

Customized Research Portal

kindoh Community
  • Development of an exclusive, time-limited community solution for kindoh, individually tailored to CI and brand presence

  • Participants recruited specifically for the community, in line with kindoh’s objectives

  • Conduct ten research activities or individual studies within two weeks of community run time

  • Optional automated execution in REWE Group’s own panel or after uploading an address file for a freely selectable target group (e.g. employees)

Kindoh daily community

Key facts

What we achieved

  • 60% cost savings due to centralization and one-time recruitment of participants compared to single studies

  • Average duration of implementation per study: 3-4 days

  • Agile research design – sequential research activities that build on the results of previous studies and activities

  • Integration of the entire toolbox of market research – quantitative and qualitative, all in one place:
    Target group study, Usage & Attitude study, Concept test, Packaging test, In-home product test based on a diary study, Forums for in-depth investigation of individual issues

  • kindoh has gained valuable insights into the baby diaper market in Germany

  • Small opportunities for improvement in the products were revealed

  • We generated ideas for new sustainability measures

  • Marketing activities and content were derived directly from the insights and information provided by the testers, e.g. sound bites for the website, implementation of sustainability topics, etc.

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