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It all depends on the brand 

Making the right decision with brand tracking – Wüstenrot shows the way 

Brand research and brand tracking in particular support companies in managing their brand success. They show them where their brand stands in comparison to the competition, what it embodies and how it is developing. This enables companies to anticipate market changes in good time and remain responsive. In addition, brand tracking is an ideal tool for making the success of marketing efforts measurable. 

Our client, Wüstenrot Bausparkasse, has also been conducting continuous monitoring of brand and communication impact for several years. Over time, the desire for a more modern approach emerged. Christian Fritzsche, market researcher at Wüstenrot, set out to find a flexible, modular and at the same time straightforward solution that would allow individual adaptation to changing needs. He found it with SKOPOS BrandTrack, providing a brand tracking with a much more agile and modern approach. 

Brand tracking as it should be: flexible, modular, straightforward and fast 

With the aim of being able to evaluate the data as flexible as possible in terms of time – e.g., in relation to campaigns – the field work with SKOPOS BrandTrack runs evenly distributed over the entire year. The tracking is controlled by monthly defined target case numbers. 

The tracking consists of a basic questionnaire with which Wüstenrot continuously measures the main KPIs. This is expanded by flexible modules, such as a brand deep dive or a campaign tracking module, which can be exchanged on a quarterly basis. This allows Wüstenrot to react flexibly to new issues at any time. 

Flexibility is also a top priority when it comes to benchmarking: The appropriate competitor set is individually tailored to Wüstenrot and can differ depending on the question. The same applies to the target group. This was individually coordinated as part of the project set-up and is ensured on an ongoing basis via appropriate screening. This ensures that Wüstenrot only receives feedback from relevant target audiences. 

An essential component of SKOPOS BrandTrack is the automated data analysis and the Tableau dashboard, which was adapted to Wüstenrot’s needs. The display options in the dashboard are diverse. On the one hand, the most important brand KPIs are displayed at a glance by means of aggregated overviews – easy to follow and conveniently exportable for the next presentation. On the other hand, results can be analyzed flexibly down to the last detail. 

Everything at a glance - KPIs Export Optimum

Interactive dashboard: from clear KPIs to deep dives into the data

The next level of marketing tracking 

Thanks to the modular questionnaire layout, current topics or questions can be easily and flexibly integrated into the tracking. The fast delivery of results through the interactive dashboard as well as the possibility to perform your own evaluations and thus provide immediate answers to urgent questions are a clear added value. In addition, other areas can also access the results directly, e.g., for campaign measurement and planning. With SKOPOS BrandTrack, Wüstenrot has taken its brand performance tracking to a new level. 

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