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Everything is getting more expensive! – Worries and savings strategies of the Germans 

Food, electricity and heating – currently, life in Germany is getting more and more expensive, as prices in many spheres of life are rising due to inflation. Shopping is thus becoming a challenge for many people and they are resorting to savings measures. Comparing the prices of food and electricity, for example, or planning a bulk purchase for the whole week can help to save money. How’s that working out for consumers? How do they deal with the rising prices? Do they have any specific strategies and tips for saving smartly? We asked the experts in our SKOPOS EXPLORERS community about these and other questions. 

One of the key findings: Consumers perceive price increases in all areas. The spectrum of moods ranges from disappointment and despair to more relaxed reactions. But even those who are still managing well financially express how problematic the circumstances are for others. Respondents express anxiety and frustration at no longer being able to treat themselves to any extras, vacations and activities, since all the money is required for basic needs. 

Three types of thrifty individuals can be identified. While some have always lived frugally, others are only now beginning to change their spending habits as a result of higher prices. Yet others are not prepared to save despite everything. The brief quantitative survey on the subject of saving shows that most people (just under a quarter) save on food in particular. Fifteen percent do not want to save at all. Most try to save electricity through concrete measures such as energy-saving light bulbs and economical appliances, and pay more attention to switching off power strips and appliances. When it comes to heating, most people are opting for reduction rather than abandonment. 

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Savings strategies of the Germans

Qualitative Community Insights from SKOPOS EXPLORERS 

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